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“Maths is fun and makes you think. The teachers make it easier to understand and help us to see in maths in everyday life”

At St. Aidan’s, our maths curriculum is designed to help deepen and challenge the understanding and thinking of our pupils. We aim to help pupils become inquisitive, confident and literate mathematicians and endeavour to ensure that our pupils develop an enthusiastic attitude towards mathematics that equips them with skills for life.

We have developed the maths curriculum to enable all children to progress in fluency, reasoning and problem solving in a planned and sequential way based on the schemes of learning from White Rose.

The current curriculum has been designed to feature the specific strands of learning which have been highlighted in the recent Ready to Progress documents from DfE. Teaching and learning encompasses both the age related expected objectives for each year group and aspects which may have been missed through school closures in 2020 to ensure our pupils continue to make progress in mathematics.

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