We have introduced the new National Curriculum and have spent some time exploring new topics. It has meant that we have moved away slightly from our creative topic themed curriculum but we have worked hard to look for links so that the New Curriculum flows well and makes sense to the children.

We focus on knowledge and skills when we work with the pupils. We want the children to learn new information but we also want them to have learning skills which will allow them to work outside of the classroom environment.

A number of children complete tasks at home and share them with us in school. You may also have noticed that we send home talk homework or investigative tasks so that the children can extend their learning with parents and family members at home.

We want the curriculum to be real and relevant for the children and therefore we look for ways of bringing the surroundings into our topics.

If you have any ideas or are interested in any of the topics (or want any other information) please do not hesitate to ask)

You will receive a Curriculum Map home each term that will outline the topics your child will be studying (there is usually also a copy on each Year Group page). This may help you understand what your child is learning about and may trigger your own ideas. I know some parents have visited farms, the museum, the cathedral, the docks, the pictures (when a great film is showing), visited the library or just talked about what we are doing in school. There are lots of ways you can get involved, if you are stuck for ideas ask your child’s teacher or speak to Miss Stockton.

Curriculum maps for 2019/20 currently being updated.



We use the Letters and Sounds scheme to teach phonics. Pupils are split into smaller groups and taught discrete phonic sessions each day. This may mean that children work with children not in their class, or with a different adult to their usual teacher but this ensures that all children receive work that will move them forward in their learning and will challenge them appropriately.

If you would like help to support your child with their phonics then contact their class teacher and will can arrange a session for you


We use Oxford Reading Tree as our main scheme for reading. We find that this allows the children to learn new and tricky words and also allows them to practice at a certain level before moving on too fast. We supplement our reading scheme with other books so that all needs and interests are catered for. Books are coloured banded and children will read a range of books from a colour band before moving on. This year we are focussing on using  expression and punctuation when reading. We would expect that ALL children read every day but at least 5 times a week and ask that parents support them by signing their reading diaries.

Mrs Cooper is our fabulous Reading Recovery teacher and can help and advise any parents who would like new ideas to support their child with reading.

Further information

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum our school is following then please just contact us directly.