Spring Term 2017


Reception is a very important and exciting time for children and parents. Here in Reception we offer the children lots of opportunities to learn and explore through play within our continually changing provision areas (indoors and outdoors). The children will learn through a mixture of adult led and child initiated learning, both of which are as equally important in a child’s development.

Our topic this half term is ‘Space’

We have experienced a wide range of activities to enhance and extend our learning…






The children have enjoyed reading ‘Whatever Next!’ ‘Alien’s Love Underpants’ and ‘Man on The Moon.’ They have produced some fantastic pieces of writing!






The children have been practising their addition and number recognition skills through a variety of games such as number splat, number bingo and paired ordering numbers. We have also been learning about 2D shapes and their properties.



Letters and Sounds

We are currently learning Phase 3 ‘Letters and Sounds’ please find below some useful websites to help your child at home.



Celebration Days


Recommended websites:

Recommended APPS:

Pocket Rocket: a super resource for teaching letters and sounds including reading, writing and spelling

Doddle Buddy: a paint app which helps develop hand eye co-ordination

Bee Bot: an app which helps improve directional language (forwards, backwards, left, right etc.)

As a team, we value your contribution to your child’s learning and would love to hear about any achievements you have witnessed at home. Please share with us any photographs, pictures, stories and work on Tapestry that you child is proud of so we can be proud of them too!

How we assess your child’s development

During the reception year the children work within developmental age bands.  If a child is aged 5, they would generally be expected to work within the 40-60 month age band.  A child who is 4 would be 48 months and they would possibly be working within the 30-50 month age band.  The children often spend a large proportion of the year within the same age band, and this is completely acceptable as the bands are so broad.

Please click on the link below to see some more information about the curriculum that the children in nursery and reception follow

Children at St Aidan’s work in a nursery and reception unit.  Within our unit there are 5 full time members of staff.


We currently also have Miss Mcloughlin who is our Supply Teacher and Miss Weston who is our Student Teacher.