Teach and Play

On Wednesday 9th October all Year 1 parents were invited to class for a ‘Teach and Play’ session. Parents brought their children to school and came straight into the classroom with them to have bagels. Whilst eating their bagels the children shared a story with their parents. They were then taken to the hall where Mrs. Magill ran a ‘Story mountain’ session based on the story The Three Little Pigs. Children were able to show their parents how knowing one story helps in telling another using different characters and details. The children displayed some wonderful imagination and showed perfectly how although they sometimes struggle to read and write things down, they are following the story and have some great ideas of their own.

The children of course were delighted to have mum or dad in class, although when the time came for them to leave, we did have quite a few tears. This was expected though and they were soon distracted with the next activity. Year 1 do not rest for long!

A big thank you to all those parents who were able to come and take part we could not have done it without you. Enjoy all our photographs.

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