Home Learning Year 2

Welcome to the Help at Home part of our website. We know that sometimes families might need a bit of extra help or advice at home. This can be to do with knowing about good behaviour strategies or services that are available through the council or keeping children safe. We don’t know all the answers but certainly try to find out. We will check the inbox on a daily basis and will liase with other agencies to get the best possible support and advice. If the school is closed, it will be an opportunity to get informal help through school which we are happy to do. We will get back to any contact from parents seeking advice on the same day except during weekends and ‘official’ holidays.

Email: helpathome@staidanscatholicprimary.com 

Home Learning for Pupils on Purple Mash

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Every day at 10am go to https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning 

Choose your year group, watch the video and try the questions.


At 9am get some exercise with Joe Wicks live.


Website Links/Useful documents

Oak Academy  (https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom/schedule )

Oak Academy offer online lessons and interactive resources for subjects across the curriculum.

You can select your child’s year group and access different lessons.

Please be aware if not directed by the class teacher to a particular lesson, then the lessons you select could contain new learning which your child has not previous done in class at school so they might need some adult help.

BBC Bitesize Learning   https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons

Here you can find extra lessons for you child.

Select relevant year group for you child and search various subjects and daily lessons.

Please be aware if not directed by the class teacher to a particular lesson, then the lessons you select could contain new learning which your child has not previous done in class at school so they might need some adult help.

10 tips to encourage children to read

10 tips to encourage children to read

Summer Reading Challenge 2020 – ‘Silly Squad

Summer Reading Challenge 2020 – Silly Squad

English Resources

For great free resources just click on the following link and choose what you would like to do! Lots of exciting activities to see, do and listen to in various subjects.


Week 15 of Personal Challenges

Making Shapes Challenge

National School Sport Week

This week is National School Sport Week so here are several challenges.

Monday – Leadership Challenge and Leadership Certificate
Wednesday – Plank Challenge
Friday  – One leg balance Juggling

Religious Education: Our World
Year 2

Computing Activities at home
Joiners – Pic Collage Part 2
Stop Frame Animation

Week 12 of Personal Challenges

Challenges-Personal Best for Home

Design Merseyside School Games logo competition

Please find attached details of the Merseyside School Games logo competition.  

Logo competition

Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge

Religious Education: Reconciliation – Inter-Relating

Year 2

Mental Health Awareness week

Mental Health Awareness week is good way to remind ourselves of ways to keep ourselves feeling positive and mentally well. There are a few suggestions on the resource below which may help you to feel more positive, have fun or alternatively ways for you to help others feel good this week.

If you want even more ideas, check out our Wellbeing Menu in the online resources section below:

Pick an activity 4-7

Try some of these personal challenges
Challenges Personal Best for Home week 8

Free stories
Here are some free stories for you to either read to your child or you could read them together, they could read it to you or they could read it independently.

Computing Activities at home
Critters – Book Creator
Joiners – Pic Collage

A nice idea to say thank you to the NHS

Save the Children Resource Pack
Save the Children – UK Covid-19 Resource Pack 1

Cycle sheet
Cycle Safety Activity Sheet

World Book Night Free Resources 

Well-being Menu

If you want to keep up with history try listening to the BBC podcast Homeschool History, found on any podcast provider.

Carol Vorderman is giving free maths lessons everyday.


David Walliams is reading a part of one of his stories every day. 

Prayer Resources from the Pastoral Formation Department of Liverpool Archdiocese

Religious Education: Pentecost ideas

Home Prayer Space
Set of Home Prayer Space Ideas

Mr Magill’s favourite chef, Jamie Oliver, is giving you some child friendly recipes.

Mylene Klass is giving some free music lessons.

Steve Backshall is giving a geography lesson on his YouTube 

Keep Reading Runners!

Useful Links