Our Staff

Mr Boland

Deputy Headteacher
Miss Doyle

Mr S Magill (2018-19)

Mrs Martin – class teacher
Mrs Campbell – TA
Miss Burgess –  EYFS Apprentice

Miss Harris – class teacher
Mrs Beattie – TA

Year 1
Miss Starrett –class teacher
Mrs Degnan – TA

Year 2 
Mr Magill  – class teacher
Mrs Pickles – TA
Mrs Murphy – TA

Year 3
Mrs Crowther – class teacher
Mrs Wade – TA

Year 4
Mrs Proudman – class teacher
Mrs Forshaw – TA

Year 5 
Miss Doyle – class teacher
Miss Hopkins – TA

Year 6 
Mrs Rowan  – class teacher (Monday – Thursday)
Mrs Everett-French – class teacher (Friday)
Miss Hopkins – TA

Mr Craig







Reading Recovery
Mrs Cooper

Pastoral Support
Mr Williams and Miss P Sadler

Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs Lannigan and Miss Lightbody







Mrs Wright and Mrs Lloyd

Mr Wright

Lunchtime Staff
Mrs Murphy, Ms Hopkins, Mrs Forshaw, Mrs Loh, Ms Quinn,  Mrs Degnan

One to One Teaching Assistants
Miss Lightbody and Ms J Quinn

Mr Waszek (Chair) Sr Moira Meeghan- (Vice Chair), Mrs Scales, Mr Hatch, Mr Magill, Mr Boland (Head Teacher), Miss Burke, Miss Hill, Miss Clarke, Mrs Newton, Mrs Mannion and Mr Paul Hudson.