Welcome to the Help at Home part of our website. We know that sometimes families might need a bit of extra help or advice at home. This can be to do with knowing about good behaviour strategies or services that are available through the council or keeping children safe. We don’t know all the answers but certainly try to find out. We will check the inbox on a daily basis and will liase with other agencies to get the best possible support and advice. If the school is closed, it will be an opportunity to get informal help through school which we are happy to do. We will get back to any contact from parents seeking advice on the same day except during weekends and ‘official’ holidays.


All about Autism, All About Me

The Youth Sport Trust have produced a digital and practical toolkit (attached) building upon knowledge of autism spectrum conditions (ASC) and some of the key considerations for making PE and school sport inclusive to all. It looks at

  • Language and communication
  • Social interaction
  • Sensory processing

All about Autism

Sensory processing, sensory supports and fine motor skills

For support with sensory processing, sensory supports and fine motor skills such as pencil grip tune into @griffinot on facebook or youtube each weekday at 11am for exciting activities! By joining her mailing list you can get extra activities emailed. For strategies around routine, structure and behaviour she has written a useful blog post at:

Cricksoft are providing free home access to their clicker8 programme with a focus on reading and writing at:

Social stories can be a useful way of explaining teh current situation, there is a story available on your class page but these additional social stories may help too:

Social stories explaining corona virus to children with autism:

Social story explaining why children can’t see their friends:

Social stories explaining why we have to stay at home for school:

Speech, language and communication

A lovely range of speech and language activities are available here: to support with communication, attention, listening, behaviour, routine and language use.

Some useful SEN information from Knowsley’s Local Offer:

North West SEND newsletter

A special edition of the North West SEND newsletter has been released with some lovely ideas for learning at home and useful web sites:

If you have any concerns about your child and in particular their Special Educational Needs please ring or email the school office and your class teacher or Mrs Magill (SENCo) will be in touch.