Reading Quality Mark

At St Aidan’s we believe that Reading is central to ALL learning. We place a huge emphasis on teaching children to read and on Reading for pleasure.

We are lucky to have a fantastic Reading Recovery Teacher and in 2015 we won a Reading Recovery School of the Year Award from The University of Central London for all the work we had completed to help children read and to make reading enjoyable.

In order to collect the award we had to travel to London, so we set off on a big adventure with Tom (Y2) and Brandon (Y1) – accompanied by Mrs Cooper and Miss Kenneway (Headteacher).

While we were in London we just had to visit some of the sights.

First stop was Buckingham Palace and we were lucky enough to see the Changing of the Guard…it was fantastic.

After that we got back on the Underground and visited Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square and the British Museum.

Finally we went to the awards ceremony and received our trophy. It was a very exciting and memorable day. We hope to go again next year!



We are very lucky at St. Aidan’s because we have loads of additional opportunities to read. Here are some of our additional clubs we have.

Horrible Histories

Mrs Sefton has continued her ‘Horrible Histories’ club where Year 1 and 2 children can read all about the past in a fun and exciting way. The historians also have the chance to extend their fun by completing an activity about the era they are reading about. This can range from drawing to drama and believe me, it can get scary when you walk into a group of Vikings!


Harry Potter club

Mr Magill’s personal favourite. He absolutely loves Harry Potter. This club started because he read the first three (yes three!!!) book to his class last year. They loved them so much that they begged him to continue reading the series to them. This started as a half an hour lunch time club but we soon realised that there was simply not enough time for the amount of Potter we desired so we quickly changed it to an after school hour. The club consists of Years 3 and 4 (pretty much the whole of both Years 3 and 4) who enjoy listening to Harry Potter nearly as much as Mr Magill loves reading them. After we have listened to a chapter we continue the Potter fun by taking part in other activities such as: painting our favourite character, building Lego in the shape of our favourite Harry scene, creating potions and much more.

Here we are all listening to Mr Magill read, you may notice we are already 200 pages in… although by the time you read this we might even be on the next book because we love it so much!

harry potter club

Parents Reading Cafe

Our very successful reading cafe is still up and running. Children must bring an adult to this club to share our love of reading.

Parents are treated to tea or coffee and get to listen to their child read or take part in other fun activities. This includes quizzes, poster making and much more. Mr Magill has even read a Scottish version of ‘The Gruffalo’ in a Scottish accent, everybody found that funny.

We love just listening to each other read and one of our parents said “I really enjoy this club because it has made my daughter want to read more.” Another added “it’s better than the usual of them just going home and playing on their tablet all night, we get to share this experience and I really value this time together.”

Here are some of our parents (plus Mr Magill) listening to and helping with reading.

After listening to Charlie and the Chocolate factory we were inspired to create our own mad chocolate plates. They were yummy, check them out below.

Our winner of the first ‘Reading Cafe Quiz’ were ‘The Allen’s’. They won a beautiful Thornton’s Gruffalo… just look how happy they are.


School Librarians

At break and dinner four Year 6 children are in charge of our school library. There is a time for every class to enjoy the library a few times a week. The librarians are trained to help the children decode, read for meaning, check for sense, comprehend and most of all enjoy themselves.

Outdoor reading

Play leaders run our outdoor reading areas. They bring a box of books outside with cushions so that children can sit and read for pleasure. Look out for them under the tee-pee and on the back yard.