Learning and growing together inspired by the love of Jesus

In our school, our Mission statement is at the heart of all that we do, every child was asked to create an image to represent what the mission statement means to them and it forms a central part of a display in the heart of our school.

To read our Mission Statement Document in full please click the link below.

Mission Statement

As a Catholic School the Religious Education we provide conforms to the doctrines of the Catholic Church. Religious Education is taught according to the syllabus approved by the Archdiocese of Liverpool, ‘COME and SEE’.

We justify our existence as a Catholic School by offering the children a curriculum based on good education practice in an environment based on Gospel values.

Throughout all aspects of Religious education we aim to involve the children in active participation in prayer, worship and liturgical celebrations.

The periods of collective worship help us to underline our school aims and allow us to celebrate the place of Christ in our school life. The school has no specific arrangements (at this time) for the withdrawal of pupils from religious teaching or worship.

The School has an agreed policy for Education in Personal Relationships which contains arrangements for teaching Sex Education. Children’s sex education is based on Christian principles and is related to the stage of their development as they move through the School. We use the resource Journey in Love to help us prepare the children for the changes that occur as they grow and develop.

The children receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation in Year 4. Within the programme of sacramental preparation emphasis is placed on the shared responsibility between home, school and Parish.

We were recently inspected by the Archdiocese and we are delighted to retain our Outstanding status. We work hard to ensure that the children who attend St Aidan’s Catholic Primary School receive a great start to their lives and that they understand and grow to love Jesus

Please follow the link below to read the full inspection report

115 St Aidan’s Catholic P School Huyton

The Curriculum

In school we follow the Come and See Religious Education program.

 Below is an overview of the Come and See topics (to view the image, click on it then click on it again).

Come and See Overview

Click here to see the Come and See Autumn letter to parents, this outlines what each class will be covering and it also gives ideas for home activities.

Parents Letter – Come and See Autumn 2015

Our New Prayer Garden

This year, we have decided to move our prayer garden from the back playground to the front playground in order to increase the benefits and to allow it to be a central feature within our school.

The school council got together and suggested some words that they would like to see displayed. On GRANDPARENTS DAY, 

School council also created a large mosaic / plaque using images to represent our mission statement, they also planted some flowers in our cross shaped flower bed. Our prayer garden is now completed and was recently blessed by Fr Anton. It is already being used by children who enjoy sitting quietly and looking around or even saying a little prayer. We hope to develop it further over the years as a special place with pride of place right at the front of our school.


Feast day of St.Peter and St.Paul

To celebrate the feast of St.Peter and St.Paul our Year four children wore their special Holy Communion outfits and led an assembly. The assembly was to share the history and the importance of the feast day, the children also shared their memories from their First Holy communion day.

Year four parents were invited into school for a mini fete – we played games, read stories, took part in competitions and made crafts. The day was finished off with a picnic 0n the school field.

Holy Communion

Year 4 children will be making their Holy Communion on the 7th May 2016.

It is essential for your child to be involved in the sacrament preparation program, there are several meetings that you and / or your child need to attend before they can make their Holy Communion. If you are not aware of these dates, you need to contact the church office directly.

If you are hoping for your child to make their Holy Communion this year but they have not yet been baptised, you need to contact the church office ASAP

Coming of the Kings 2016

This year we went to the Metropolitan Cathedral to celebrate the Epiphany with other schools in our Archdiocese. For some children this was an important visit as it was the first time they had been inside the Cathedral. We arrived early so that we could look around and spend time in all the side altars and prayer areas. The children really enjoyed the visit. 3 boys volunteered to dress as Kings and took up the promises written by every child in school. One of Miss Kenneway’s old teachers from her secondary school was one of the Kings so the children thought that was hilarious.

The service was lovely and the children who represented Y2-Y6 gained a lot from the time spent at the Cathedral.







This summer we have volunteered to be part of the Choir at the Good Shepherd Service – we can’t wait!

We pray…

links  www.withyoualways.org.uk/
a website for parents about the sacramental programs.

church website


Some photographs to show some of the work we do in school too help us understand God and his messages.