Welcome to St Aidan’s Maths Page!

Here you can find information and interesting activities about the Mathematics provision at St Aidans. We aim to develop the enthusiasm and enjoyment of Mathematics and enable your child to acquire skills which will provide them with Numeracy skills for life.

Introducing our 2017-18 Maths Ambassadors!

All children in school are invited to apply for the role of Maths Ambassadors and interviewed by Miss Doyle, our Maths Champion. This year, after some tough decision making and a huge amount of applications these children below were selected to represent their classes and continue to promote maths and problem solving across the school.

Liverpool Counts Quality Mark

We are very excited to announce we are taking part in the Liverpool Counts Quality Mark 2017-18 project which promotes Maths in schools and the wider community and aims to develop maths enjoyment and skills for life.

Have you got Maths Eyes?  – take a look at our latest competition. Using your surroundings, can you find the maths?


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