Year 3 (2013/14)


Welcome to year 3′s website page. Here you can see some pictures of different activities (these will be added in!) we have been involved in, curriculum maps, examples of work and much more.

What we’ve been up to

The Tudors-This term our topic is The Tudors.  We will be learning about the different types of people living in Tudor times and about different characteristic features of society.

Summer Targets Year 3

End of term Attendance bounce-Every child had the opportunity to earn half an hour on the inflatables at the end of term.  They achieved one minute for every day they were in and on time.


Performance Poetry-We learnt the words and actions to Roald Dahl’s poem ‘The Tummy Beast’ then performed it in front of other year 3 classes from the local area.  The whole class looked smart, were loud, clear, remembered all the actions and done themselves proud!


The Emperor’s New Clothes-Find out about some of the work we done around the story.

Exploring Europe (Spring)-  This term we our Exploring Europe.  We will be using atlases to find locations and learn what countries are like.  As part of the topic, we will also look at environmental issues around pollution and investigate a chosen European artist.

Enhancement Week-  All the children in school had the opportunity to enhance their skills, by participating in various educational and fun activities throughout the week.

We got to explore sounds and words in poetry to create a class poem.

Poetryy3 IMG_2621

In drama, we used freeze frames to explore character’s feelings and hot seating techniques to think about their actions.


When making clay heads we showed our creative side.

IMG_2578 clayheadsy3

During the maths activities, we had to read co-ordinates and developed our problem solving skills to complete challenges.

IMG_2506 mathsy3

Of course we also got to develop our rugby skills, with some coaches from Widnes Vikings.

IMG_2634 rugbyy3

Trampolining-  Year 3 were fortunately allowed to walk up to Alt Bridge, a nearby secondary school, and take part in a trampoline lesson.  Have a look at some of the class displaying their skills.

Skipping Workshop-There are so many super skippers in year 3 because we were taught lots of new skills as part of a skipping workshop.  The children are able to perfect their skills and teach others on the yard at playtime, using our new skipping ropes.

Maths Day-Each year swapped classes throughout the day in order to complete maths puzzles with different teachers.  In each class the children needed to use different operations to solve the puzzle.

Slime Workshop-We completed a science investigation around ‘Runny Bogies’.  As part of the investigation, we had to measure out ingredients to make a our slime then measure the length the goo had spread after a minute.

slime workshop

In I.T. we found out about flags of some countries.  We then used an app on the Ipads called ‘Pic Collage’ to create a collage.  Have a look at an example of one below.Pic collage

Spring Curriculum Map Year 3

Spring 1 Targets

Ancient Egypt (Autumn)–  This term our topic is Ancient Egypt.  We have been learning about Ancient Egyptian burials and looking at how they cut out the body organs to put in Canopic Jars, dried the bodies out and wrapped them up to look like Mummies and hieroglyphics

In I.T. we used QR codes to find which organs went in the correct jars and we all had a brilliant time at our Ancient Egyptian day putting our hands in the bodies, to guess the body parts (very slimy!), estimate their weights and solve puzzles.

Forces workshop- to fit in with our science topic, we spent a whole afternoon doing science investigations to do with forces.

Poet visit- as part of ‘Black History Month’, we had a visit from some local poets.

Christmas Production- Our production this year involved our class performing a scene from ‘Scrooge’.  All children learnt their words well, spoke up clearly and sang fantastically- well done!

Drop Everything and Read- Mrs French spent a week in school shouting through her megaphone for everyone to stop what they were doing and read a book (Even during our P.E. lesson!).

Autumn Curriculum Map

Autumn 1- Targets

Autumn 2 Targets