Reading Club Year 1-2

with Mrs Sefton

book clubs 2


During the Autumn term we are promoting reading across the school, so we are providing a reading club for Year 1 and 2 children on Thursdays. Each week we read a different book, chosen by the children, and then we follow that with a fun activity – which could be writing, crafts or performing.

Week 1: Room on the Broom – Mrs Sefton’s favourite bookroom on the broom

This week we read my favourite book and watched a short clip from the film adaptation. The children really enjoyed this story and would join in for the rhyming words. After that the children then designed their own ‘Truly Magnificent Broom’. Which they had to label and colour.

IMG_1017 IMG_1016

Week 2: Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Amy Jones’ (Y1) favourite book


This week we read Amy’s favourite story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. All the children knew the story and were able to join in as I read. Then the children chose their favourite character and wrote sentence to describe them using amazing adjectives.


Week 3: Sleeping Beauty – Olivia Dougherty’s (Y1) Favourite book


This week we read Sleeping Beauty and watched a small clip from the movie. The children then had to work in small groups to sequence the story in the correct order. Each group worked really well and were able to sequence the story correctly. Well done.

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