Sports Premium

Sports Premium 2017/18

Sport Premium 201718

We have reviewed our plan for 2017/18. It was a successful year. The highlights have been the improvement in skills and fitness of pupils as a result in increased activity and greater involvement in competitions. Please see below to view our plan. Our PE Coordinator has all the figures and lists to evidence our success.

Sport Premium 201718 reviewed

Sports Premium 2016/17

This year we will be focussing on competition, participation and commitment to sport. We will also focus on Healthy lifestyles and the involvement of pupils as leaders in Sport, Health and Well being. Below is our plan for 2016/17

Sport Premium 2016 – 17 (2)

Sports Premium 2015/16

This year we have taken an exciting move to improve the teaching of PE at school by employing a full time specialist PE teacher, Miss Harrison. She will work with all children from Reception to Year 6 to develop their skills and talents in Physical Education and School Sport

Please see our plan and evaluation for the year. Red = not achieved, Yellow=partially achieved, Green = achieved

Sport Premium Reviewed 201516– we have RAG (Red Amber Green) rated our plan so we know what we have achieved

sport-premium-201516-review – we have looked at the impact of our actions on the children. Take a look!

Sport Premium 201516

Sports Premium 2014/15

Please see our plan and the impact report for 2014/15

Sports Premium 201415

Sports Premium 2013/2014

P.E. in schools

This year the Government has provided extra money for schools to improve the provision of PE in school. We are using the extra money (£8700 over 2 years) to:

  • Improve the quality of the P.E. lessons delivered
  • To help staff’s CPD
  • Increase participation in sport
  • Increase competition opportunities- inter school and intra school competitions


Sports Funding

Sports Funding allocation for 2013/2014 =   £8,700

The allocation of the funding received for Sport is aimed at activities and resources that are most likely to have the greatest impact on improving the lifestyles of all our pupils.

We feel sport is beneficial because it encourages children to be active, lead healthy lifestyles, make friends and have fun. It also helps to develop confidence and a sense of achievement.

How we have used the funding-this is an interactive document and will be updated regularly




Swimming lessons for Y 2-6 pupils £2,720 All pupils, to be able to swim 25m   by the end of school as well as keeping healthy.
Jamie Carragher Soccer Skills £1,200 Effective teaching of drills and techniques to improve pupils skills and confidence.
Specialist PE teacher to peer coach   with P.E. Co-ordinator £420 Up-skill teacher to help support   other members of staff.
Supply cover to release P.E.   Co-ordinator from class. £225 Team teaching with ‘Rebound Dance’   to work with teachers deliver a scheme of work and improve standard of dance   lessons
‘Rebound Dance’ dance club £1,110 Improve the fitness and confidence   of participating children
Service Level Agreement (SLA)   with   Knowsley Schools Sports Partnership    (KSSP) £1000 Access to co-ordinated matches and competitions   within the borough for   all pupils in a number of sporting events.   (Inter- school competitions)
Equipment and resources purchased for PE lessons.Also sports/equipment resources are now available for all pupils during   break and Lunch times. £876.57 More outdoor play equipment in use   during play times/ lunchtimes to   ensure pupils are kept active at   all times. Equipment for PE lessons   improved.

Financial date September 2013-July 2014

  • In addition, we have P.E. support staff to assist during lessons, run an after school club and organize intra school competitions